Sweater ($1,300) and skirt ($1,200), Marc Jacobs. marcjacobs.com. Endless-strand necklace ($99.95), glamorous strand set ($89.95), red Carpet ring ($49.95) and Deco cuff bracelet ($89.95), Grayce by Molly Sims ($89.95). hsn.com.

Molly Sims is that girl. The one your husband or boyfriend oohs and aahs over and you don’t mind—because you do the same. The one with Hollywood access who would rather spend a holiday weekend at home with a girlfriend of 17 years, a relationship built before the red carpets and runways. She’s quick to give makeup tips (it’s all about tinted moisturizer, ladies) yet leaves the house for her Tracy Anderson workouts sans makeup, paparazzi be damned. She seems to have done it all, but when you talk to her you get the feeling that her best is yet to come.

Sims is coming off of a hectic yet rewarding acting run, which included a five-year stint on the hit NBC show Las Vegas and roles in several notable films (Yes Man with Jim Carrey and Fired Up!, among others). We caught up with her on the brink of a new chapter, one that further defines a woman with a sharp business sense and a grounded commitment to give as much as she gets.

Most recently she launched a new jewelry line, Grayce by Molly Sims, a collection at once wearable yet effortlessly glamorous, much like its creator. The line includes chic metal knots and Deco-inspired necklaces, chunky cocktail rings and layered pearls. The inspiration? Her mom, who started collecting vintage jewelry more than 20 years ago from estate auctions and her many years traveling abroad. “I wanted my jewelry to represent me, in the way that I’m not one lifestyle,” Sims says. “I was white T-shirt and blue jeans today; yesterday I was at an event as glamour girl; the day before, bohemian. I love layering and mixing different elements. Whether it’s retro touches or understated glamour, it’s always representative of me.”

Lassoed by HSN, the collection is priced at under $100 and “the pieces have a feminine, approachable feel,” she explains. “Glamorous can be no makeup and jeans with a little cross or Star of David, or a little fireball at my neck with nothing else. It’s also how you wear it. I didn’t grow up with gazillions of dollars, so it’s mixing high-end and low-end. That’s what I still do. My $40 find sometimes
means more to me than my $700 find.”

Sims is perhaps most jazzed about her newest role as ambassador to Population Services International’s Five & Alive program. The global health organization, whose board of directors includes actress and activist Ashley Judd, is dedicated to programs targeting malaria, child survival, HIV and reproductive health. “To date PSI and Five & Alive have purified 40 billion liters of water and distributed close to 50 million mosquito nets,” Sims explains. “If a child gets malaria they can die within five days. It’s raising awareness. If we get one more dollar it’s one more step.”

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