LEFT: Slate cashmere dress, Prada ($905). 312 S. Galena St., 970-925-7001. Boots, Casadei ($1,300). Mario Di Leone, 280 Detroit St., Denver, 303-333-7474. Deco necklace ($98.95), cuff bracelet ($89.95) and layered twist necklace (worn as bracelet) ($79.95), Grayce by Molly Sims. hsn.com.; RIGHT: Sweater, Donna Karan (price on request). donnakaran.com. Open-toe booties, Valentino ($745). Neiman Marcus, Cherry Creek Shopping Center, 3000 E. First Ave., Denver, 303-329-2600. Knot necklace ($89.95), layered twist necklace ($79.95) and tassel necklace ($99.95), Grayce by Molly Sims. hsn.com

The Five & Alive program is specifically aimed at improving the health and lives of children five and under, and is making impressive headway in more than 30 countries. Sims is the face of its recent United Against Malaria campaign and traveled to Haiti for the first time in October to launch a new youth center built in part by H&M donations. “Haiti is the poorest nation in the Americas. It’s undoubtedly the women who suffer the most, traditionally the young girls who are taken from little villages and forced to work in cities as domestic servants,” Sims says. “For those lucky enough to escape, they have few options for survival, so they start working in brothels or on the streets, and usually get pregnant. That’s where children under five come in. At the base of it, it starts with education. I want to meet these young girls. I want to hear their stories.”

Sims has long been involved with children—she’s been working with the Casa Hogar Sion orphanage in Tijuana for years—which naturally leads to questions about starting her own family. “I will adopt and I definitely do want to have my own children,” she says. As we talk, Sims cues her friend’s toddler to recite “tur-tle” and “pick-le.” Laughing, she adds, “Absolutely, my biological clock is running. I find if we start with our little ones, it may not be where the most improvement is, but it’s where the most hope is.”

Though globe-trotting for humanitarian efforts creates a demanding schedule, her acting career doesn’t takes a back seat. She has been cast in Hickory Nation, an indie project by director Rebecca Cook set for release in 2011, in which she plays a grieving woman struggling with the death of a child. “It’s more of a dramatic turn for me,” says Sims. “She’s a schoolteacher and it’s about how she deals with that death and the relationship to her own father. It’s kind of like Crash because it has three or four intertwining stories. I love that format.”

Between film projects, trips to Haiti and starting a new jewelry line, how’s a girl to stay in shape? “Tracy Anderson,” she says. “It’s completely changed my body. It’s incredible, I promise you.” Also an avid outdoorswoman (who can forget that 2003 Sports Illustrated fly-fishing shoot in Meeker?), Sims loves to ski. She’s looking forward to her next ski vacation in Aspen and perhaps being pampered by The Little Nell. “I just love Colorado. The fireplaces, the lights, the mountains, the trees and that fresh, pure white snow,” Sims says. “I can’t wait to get out there again.”

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