Last Lick of Summer: Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival

Amiee White Beazley | August 30, 2013 | Peak Eats Latest The Latest

1 - Last Lick of Summer: Rocky Mountain Oyster…
"Oysters" from sea and land will be on offer at the Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival

Yes, the second annual Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival held at Ajax Tavern on Labor Day is exactly what you think it is. Well, sort of. Indeed, there will be “Rocky Mountain Oysters,” the traditional western treat of severed bull testicles, either battered and fried, or for hardcore cowboys, seared directly on a pan. More often than not when you see these on the menu at some local joint along I-70 they are mere strips of testicles, frozen like French fries, dropped into grease. But would Ajax Tavern serve that? Hell no. These will be fresh, cut from the high-alpine bulls of Carbondale’s Milagro Ranch. Local balls, served buffalo-style with blue cheese dressing to dip.

So you’ve got your bull testicles. But now here’s the joy of the double entendre: there are actual oysters, too – like, sea oysters. All-you-can-eat oysters! Ajax Tavern has long been my favorite spot for a plate of Island Creeks, and on Monday, you can bet your Rocky Mountain Oysters I’ll be getting my feed on with these jewels of the Atlantic.

Doesn’t tickle your fancy, yet? Well how ’bout whole roasted Tenderbelly Farms pork and Crystal River lamb, with unlimited beer, wine, bocce ball, and live music by The True Story band, to boot?

The chic twenty- and thirty-something, young professionals will certainly be there. Not only do they know how to indulge, but word is they throw a mean ball, too. Bocce ball (get your heads out of the gutter!).

The second annual Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival & BBQ is held Monday, September 2 from 5-9 p.m., and features oysters, whole roasted pork and lamb, cold beer, and wine by the glass. All you can eat and drink for $75 per person (21 years of age and older only).

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