Roaring Fork Valley's Best Burgers

Amiee White Beazley | November 28, 2012 | Peak Eats Latest The Latest

1 - Roaring Fork Valley's Best Burgers
The 3 Little Pigs burger at Grind

Two of the best burger joints in the world are right here in the Roaring Fork Valley: Fatbelly Burger in Carbondale and Grind in Glenwood Springs. Both serve a unique style of burger, but each uses the best, freshest locally raised Crystal River Beef.

Fatbelly was created around a simple plan and a simple menu: burgers, grilled cheese, fries, and a standout veggie burger for those who don’t dig beef. The Standard burger, made with a pressed beef patty cooked at 500 degrees to ensure a dark brown exterior and juicy flavor, is a customer favorite. Add cheese, “secret sauce” (not unlike Thousand Island dressing), iceberg lettuce for crunch, ripe tomatoes for acid, pickles for a vinegar kick, and grilled onions and you have a burger that locals will (and most often do) stand in line for.

Down at Grind on 7th Street in Glenwood Springs, owners Chris Heinz and Mike Mercatoris actually grind their own beef, buffalo, lamb, pork, chicken, and veggie patties. (Butternut squash burger, anyone?) Look for the Grind of the Day, a custom patty with unconventional toppings. One such daily favorite is the 3 Little Pigs, a pork grind of ham and bacon, topped with onion rings, cheddar, barbecue, and ranch. Our favorite, however, is The Mayan, a house-made black bean burger with chipotle mayo, pumpkin seed salsa, and lettuce. Spicy, creamy, and cool. It’s a one of a kind.

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