Film Focus: Ted Davenport Stars in Winter

by marcia frost | February 17, 2012 | Home Page

1 - Film Focus: Ted Davenport Stars in Winter
Ted Davenport

Ted Davenport, an expert in Big Mountain Skiing and B.A.S.E. Jumping, was forced to skip the 2012 Winter X Games because he’s recovering from injuries sustained in last summer’s World Heli Challenge, which he had won in 2009 and ’10. He’s not far from the spotlight, though, as his fans can see plenty of him in The Ski Channel produced movie Winter.

The buzz around Winter just keeps getting bigger and the film has already received 12 awards. Davenport is one of the stars of the show and he had a great time making the movie. “A big part of my segment in Winter is about my trip to Baffin Island,” he remembers. “It was a 30-day big wall B.A.S.E Jumping expedition, flying our wingsuits off some of the largest rock walls in the world. There are some major highs and major lows of the trip that Winter encapsulates very well.”

The scenes Davenport is referring to are just a small part of the movie, as it was filmed at 100 different locations around the world. It took one year to complete. In addition to Davenport, 17 other extreme sports experts participated in Winter, including Sarah Burke, who recently died after a ski accident. The movie also has a popular soundtrack that features songs from the Gavin Rossdale’s recently reunited band, Bush.

Though he attended Winter's Hollywood premiere, Davenport has missed some of the movie's showingsincluding an award-winning performance at the Las Vegas International Film Festival—because of the accident in New Zealand. “I hit a rock in the middle of my run,” Davenport explains, “and broke my left tib/fib and right calcaneus [heel bone].”

Davenport has been living in Aspen for the past seven years and is a big fan, “I can’t think of a better place to call home. The endless activities and amazing people make it the greatest place on earth.” As much as he loves the city, he’s ready to get moving after spending so long rehabbing from his injuries. He predicts it won’t be too much longer before he is back competing on the slopes.

“After four months in a wheelchair, I am back on my feet and healing strong. I’ll be back in full force next season. I can’t wait to ski some powder and fly my wingsuit!”

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photograph by Krystal Wright

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