8 Things You Don't Already Know About Tequila

anna ben yehuda | July 23, 2014 | Peak Eats Latest The Latest

Instead of celebrating National Tequila Day tomorrow (July 24) with margaritas and Mexican-themed parties, why not learn a few new things about the spirit... and then enjoy a glass or two the right way.

1 - 8 Things You Don't Already Know About Tequila

1. You Need to Invest on a Caballito. Spanish for little horse or pony, and also known as a tequilito, the caballito is a narrow shot glass made specifically for the spirit.

2. Hangovers Don't Have to Happen. Avoid mixing the spirit with sugary drinks and enjoy tequila in its pure form to minimize the likelihood of a hangover.

3. The Bottle You’re Holding? It Took 8 Years to Make. Although most people believe tequila’s origin is the cactus plant, the spirit’s source is actually the blue agave plant… which takes 8-10 years to mature.

4. Tequila Has Something in Common with Champagne. Both spirits have a Designation of Origin, so they can only be officially produced in specific localities. For tequila, that would be in Mexico (usually in the Jalisco state) while Champagne is of French origins (from the Champagne region).

5. …and with Whisky. Tequila is supposed to be aged in barrels. But doing so for longer than four years might make the spirit lose some of its agave qualities and take on properties associated with bourbon (via the cask in which it is aged).

6. You Have Two Months to Finish That Bottle. Once you open a bottle of tequila, the process of oxidation begins and the spirit will slowly start losing its luster. Make sure to enjoy it within two months of unsealing.

7. Not Everything Labeled “Tequila” is Actually Tequila. Although individual distillers could come up with unique production techniques, other specifics (aging requirements, for example) are closely regulated by the Tequila Regulatory Council in Mexico.

8. You’ve Been Drinking Tequila the Wrong Way. Sip it. Take a breath through your nose. Swallow. Exhale. You’re welcome.

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